Tuesday, March 23, 2010


.......so I woke up late again this morning for the 3rd day in a row! And how weird is it that I wake up at EXACTLY 9:13 each day??? Kinda strange there!

Today I have GOT to finish this paper on Politics in Country Music so that I can clean house and get the ton of things done before next week when we leave for S.C and the husband's Drill Sgt. Graduation! So excited for him! excited to finally be moving away from here, worried and anxious about the same things too!

Oh well! Hopefully I get this paper done and can figure out what's for dinner AND get a haircut this afternoon so I can make another post later!

And by the way. I currently have ZERO respect for our Congress or it's sheep...most especially for that talking twat, Spewlosi...and yes I know that's misspelled.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Not the best morning!

I hated waking up this morning and realizing that it's really real. Congress, or the joke Congress has become, pushed through this Obamacare. My mind is still reeling. HOW did this happen?? I have never been this scared of our "government" in my life. It doesn't seem to matter what the people of this country want, is there anybody listening?

A socialist president, a corrupt speaker of the house, corrupt  politicians. Is this really all that we have become? Has any of these people READ our Constitution lately? Hell, I need to. How has this country come to this?

I can't even say it's all because a Democrat is in office. I wasn't a fan of the last Republican either, and didn't vote for him. Why do we have mediocre choices for this office, instead of men/women who truly want to do what's best for the people.I just really don't get it. It makes my heart hurt, it makes me want to puke and it makes me want to move to an island in the middle of nowhere.and yeah, I could handle a corrupt government somewhere else...ya know why? Because it wouldn't be OUR government sliding into oblivion while I had no choice but to sit back and watch.

Ahhh....I'm going to work on classwork and make my brain think of things OTHER than the shitty state of our government!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Randomness in a first blog!

Ahhhh so this was the perfect weekend to decide to start blogging. I decided to go back to college and started in January and life has been fairly hectic since then! It taxes the brain! And let's don't forget the everyday things that still have to be done! Teenagers in the house, pets, the husband away training to be a drill sgt.....wow!

And the never done housework! You would think the cleaning fairies would get tired of the mess and come do me a favor! Little twerps! But noooooooo! (maybe they are afraid of the mess??)

So it's been a nice rainy gray day here in the land of Fort Campbell, KY. The perfect day to do nothing before another week kicks off some more insanity! Lots of computer time, some reading and just otherwise doing nothing...oh that's not true. I've screamed at the TV a few times today while watching coverage of this abomination (Obamanation???) called health care reform. Oh I just really shouldn't get started on that subject again, it will drive me to have a cocktail and I am much too lazy right now to remove my ass from the sofa to make one. I'm sure I will throw a fit about it many times before all is said and done.

Anywho...no politics tonight!  I think I'm gonna turn on the tube and relax for a bit...but thought I would attempt my first blog and see how ridiculous I really sound!

I did decide to make a meal tonight that my 16 year old proclaimed was "phenomenal" (this is after I refused him McGrossness). He was dying for chicken nuggets so I broke bad and made homemade. Delicious (and didn't require 38 ingredients per McGrossness standards! Here is why I don't do McDonald's )! Imagine that!

Homemade Chicken Nugget Recipe:

* 4 chicken breasts cut into small chunks
*½ cup all purpose flour
*1 teaspoon baking powder
*1 egg beaten
*½ cup water
*3 tablespoons cornstarch
*salt (optional..I add cajun seasoning)
*1 tablespoon vegetable oil
*oil for frying 

Dice chicken and set aside.
Mix all other ingredients in order in a medium size bowl.

Dump chicken pieces into the batter and toss it around. making sure it's evenly coated.

Begin frying small amounts of chicken in hot oil until golden brown! (these turn out well baked also! just bake until batter is golden)

Drain pieces on paper towels.

We made Honey Mustard Sauce to dip them in!
5 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons spicy mustard (brown mustard)
a dash of rice wine vinegar

Wisk it all together for yummy goodness!

Time to Blog!

I've resisted the blogging revolution for years! I've finally succumbed to the temptation to put my life, thoughts, ideas,and probably recipes out there!lol

I know...who cares?!?

Well I do. I find as time marches past that there are so many things in this world that I have thoughts on...opinions that are actually valid! The world is changing everywhere around us and it's so damn scary these days!

So here's my intro...let's see where I go!