Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to where it all began...

So for the last few days the family and I escaped to Panama City Beach for a few days to play tourists! I love it there. Way back when my life was topsy turvy and I was hanging on to my sanity by the hair of my teeth...I packed up and moved there without a job, knowing absolutely NO one and changed my life forever. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. My second week there I was browsing Yahoo local profiles and ran across my (now) husband's profile. I loved his pic and sent a message telling him so. He happened to be online and we started chatting and playing dominoes online. We did that for a couple of weeks and finally decided to meet. He and a bunch of his friends were going out and he invited me along. We were both fresh out of crazy relationships and it was a strictly "friends" thing. Funny thing is....all of his friends bailed that night. After he spent half the night running around Panama City trying to find my address...he finally showed We ended up at Waffle House and walking on the beach talking...forever! We spent our entire first date just talking and walking the beach. The rest is history. Other than deployments and Army related stuffs...we have been together since that first night. The Gulf of Mexico brought me the other half of me.

So now that I have gotten the corny crap out of the way...I still love it there. Being on the beach, listening to the waves hit the beach, watching the seagulls and brings me peace like nothing else. When life gets nuts...I want the ocean. If I had realized how that place would change my life, I would have probably run the other direction back then. Now, I go back and I remember and I cherish every single second of what I have. life is crazy sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Our first day back there...we hit our favorite mini golf spot...Pirate's Golf, at which my dear husband kicks ass pretty much every time! Although this time I was doing pretty well until my back decided to go all stupid and it hurt to move! Ugh! Oh well...I'll get him next time.

I really had visions of having fun family time during the day and hitting Sharky's next door for some grown up fun and silliness....but it didn't happen! I'm getting old! After walks on the beach and lots of sun..I was pooped and ready for bed every night! but man, there is nothing like going to sleep to the sound of waves and waking up to them! Love it!

Was kind of bummed to find that my favorite "local" seafood joint has gone all tourist and raised their prices! bleck! not good! The food is now mediocre and over priced when it used to be amazing and reasonable! But oh well! We still had amazing food at our favorite Chinese place of all time! Pier Park is sweet! It wasn't there when we lived there but it is "THE" place in PCB now.

We really had a great few days! I put my arse into a swimsuit for the first time in years! Granted I'm not aBaywatch Babe or some crap....but I was happy with how I looked...which is amazing in itself! We went out to Shell Island and saw dolphins and stingrays. it was a wonderful few days! We need more of those!

We came home to some chaos! I guess there is a price for a few days in paradise. Howell had an email that his orders for Benning are canceled. Which really sucks because we have already PCSed here! Um HELLO??? lol...who knows.It will work out, it always does. I have to deal with some silliness...which again, it will work out.

Ahhhh so I'll share some pics! Don't like it? Don't freakin look! lol

My favorite park in Panama City, St Andrews Park...has this beautiful four headed palm (the only one known to exist) and this beautiful 250 year old tree...also has a great boardwalk out to the bay and is the perfect place to escape with a book.

Me looking like poop but you see that I look like poop and I'm THIN????? and in swimsuit??? it's all good ba-bee!

The PCB skyline from the boat

This is what it's all about! Shell Island...

And when I die...can you please make sure the view from my burial plot looks like this?

And again with the me looking like poo....don't least I'm looking like poo in sunny FL and loving every second of it!

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