Saturday, May 8, 2010

So we're one week in....

....and in most ways I really like it here. I'm still totally diggin the house and area. Love that there is a huge amount of stores and restaurants here. It's pretty cool...

Unfortunately, yesterday and today, the pissy me has come through. My back hurt yesterday like crazy...those icky little twinges that are sharp and make you catch your breathe. And while I know they were just concerned, Howell and Tyler asked me 985,963,358,548,568 times what was wrong or if I was made me crazy. Today I woke up feeling better but wanted to run check out the flea market and hit some stores to find a swimsuit for FL this week. instead i sat here...alll flipping day long bored off my shit because it looked like it was going to rain and Howell decided to work on the truck. Wasn't his fault but I've just been annoyed and bored all day long. Tonight I run grab some snacky stuff and a bottle of wine thinking we could just play cards or something and instead he is at these stupid people's house that I absolutely despise watching a UFC fight, while my ass sits here still flipping bored spitless. To say I am more than annoyed is an understatement. (which in all fairness, I knew he had been asked but since he never said shit about it until I specifically ASKED him an hour before he went over I assumed he wasn't going) Again, happens......but I'm still fucking bored.

I'm really missing my friends right now. I miss havin people to call and say hey I'm bored! lol...I do know a couple of people's just not the same.

And I'm probably pissy about taking the dog back to Reagan, as much as he annoyed me...I miss him. I hate these stupid cats and the mess they make. I hate the constant smell of cat piss because they are disgusting and the most un-catlike cats you can find.

All in all...not having a good day. And putting it down here really didn't do shit to make it better other than make me feel like I'm a pissy

Screw it! I AM going to the damn flea market in the morning even if I have to go by myself. Shit happens.

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