Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Musings and Rants!

The sun is shining! The day is gorgeous! And I'm in a bad mood with a ton of classwork to do...due today! Yay for procrastinating! Not!

I have decided that I really despise Facebook. You are plugged into everybody's lives, they are plugged into yours. People like each other that you can't stand. People block or get blocked. It's a huge freakin dramafest that is better suited to a bunch of teenagers than adults. I get so annoyed by it! I don't even care that people post stupid status messages. I'm guilty! But it's this huge central mind warp that people apparently forget others can see. I try not to get butthurt because, for real? Why bother. But if you are invited to a party, stop and think before you post your weekend schedule....AFTER you've given me a lame excuse. I mean really? come on! If you know I dislike somebody that you don't know, but run out and "friend" them not long after....HELLO? what are you thinking??

In a networking sites are juvenile, a cesspool of drama and stalkers and they really piss me off. So why am I still on there?

On the good note! I decided to do the 365 days of photo challenge! I'm hoping it will get me more involved in blogging and help me stay motivated! So this morning grilled cheese became a photo! It is the best grilled cheese! Sharp and pepperjack on wheat...nom nom...definteily photo worthy in my opinion since it was such a filling and tasty breakfast!

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