Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking a break!

Ahhhhh so we are really down to the wire now! Today I finished up another semester in school! Woohooo...unfortunately it just means I have to throw myself completely into this move for the next 48 hours! Not fun! I can't believe it's HERE. I mean really HERE. The house is packed. We are living off of paper plates, frozen waffles, out of large gym bags and toiletry bags so that we can get every single thing in the house into a box except those things we will need to have with us. It's kind of depressing. I keep finding myself wanting to break into tears and I don't really know why? I'm glad to go, but sad to go. I hate it here, but will miss the friends I've made. Definitely bittersweet.

Rundown of the last few days:
Spent Friday evening with Brittany and Allen for his birthday party. Was fun, relaxing and yet annoying in some ways. Was a good last weekend here. The cake was very very tasty! 

Saturday was spent huddled inside working on my final exams while tornadic weather swirled throughout the region. Crazy weather here I will not miss! Glad to have yet another semester behind me and wondering what  was thinking to pick up another one that starts in a week.

Today is miscellaneous stuff around here just finishing up little stuff like scrubbing counters, cleaning behind fridge and stove and other junk. No biggie. No stress. The kid has put in a request for Yamato's for dinner so we are headed there in a bit for our last real meal in Clarksville. :{ Kind of makes me sad.

Tomorrow we were insane enough to grab tickets for Game#6 of the Predators vs Blackhawk series in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Excited and yet not because I will be totally freakin bummed if they lose. I think we are nuts to go to this game the night before we pack the truck up...but hey whatever right? When is the next time I get to go to a Preds game? much less a playoff game? So it's all good!

The next time I update we will probably be out of the house and sitting in a hotel. Bummer. I hate thinking about all of the "lasts" I'm experiencing here. It makes me sad.

On another note....weight loss pics! Decided to put up some before and after of me...kind of scary...

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